We keep it simple and build only what you need. Offiria keeps your organization running smoothly, like a well oil'ed machine!

Powerful Business Stream

Social stream messages

Stream Messages

Pin important message

Pinned Message
At the heart of Offiria is the powerful Business Stream. It provides a continuous flow of information that is easy to follow. Public entries from all groups & individuals are added to the global stream. This makes every piece of information easily discussed and tagged. You‘ll know what everyone is working on and discussing at any moment, all in real-time. What’s more, all of this content is archived, searchable and retrievable—making Offiria an invaluable depot of information and data. Your ideas and thoughts will never be lost again!

Profile and Community Management

Employee profile page

Profile Page

Searchable directory

Searchable Directory


Offiria turns everyday work into a fun, social experience and makes collaboration a breeze! Offiria’s members directory makes searching for the right person to work with a whole lot easier, too. A member’s extensive profile page allows you to see their recent projects, recent activities, and even files they have recently shared. Administrators have full membership control and can approve or delete any new user. You can even configure Offiria as an invitation-only community if you wish.

Project Management

Create project group

Create a group

Manage task and milestone

Task management

Keep it private

Private Group

Offiria is flexible and simplifies team management like no other project management tool on the market. Manage and keep track of one or multiple projects easily. Create milestones for each project your group is working on as well as track the progress of each assigned task. Your team now has an agile system that allows them to share strategy, results and insights quickly, allowing everyone to act faster.

Anyone who is not part of the project, but is interested in observing the team’s activities, may still “follow” the group’s progress. But just in case you need to keep a project private and away from the general public’s eyes, we’ve provided that option for you, too.


Mielstone / Task
Getting your tasks organized is simple with Offiria. You can create a public task or create tasks assigned to a specific person or group. You can set deadlines, attach tasks to a milestone and even upload files along with the announced tasks. Within each milestone, you’ll also see which tasks still remain unfinished so that you can stay on track to complete your milestones. Offiria also displays a handy progress bar helping you and your team work through each unfinished task.

Event Management

Event Management
Easily schedule a meeting, organize an open day, plan a family day, celebrate a colleague’s birthday… you can add, track and manage them all within Offiria’s powerful event management system. Offiria’s company-wide calendar view is also a convenient way to see what your teammates have planned, too. And finding your events in Offiria? It’s a snap with the integrated Google maps view!

RSVP management

RSVP Management

Global calendar

Global calendar

File and Media Sharing

File and Media Sharing
At work, you will probably need to share and retrieve files on a daily basis. Offiria makes web-based file sharing super easy! You can attach a file to practically any message, event, task or milestone. You can can even preview files before you download them. Offiria conveniently generates a preview of any file so you know more about it before you begin the download process. There’s also a dedicated file page which lists all of your team’s uploaded files so you can always go back and find older files. And if a newer version of a file is created, you can easily go back and update it.

Upload anywhere

Upload File

Automatic preview

Auto Preview


Real-time notification

Notifications Update

Email notification

Email Notifications

Notification settings

Notification Settings
Offiria keeps your team updated! Offiria will automatically notify everyone involved in a project, in real-time, when something comes up. Notifications are pushed out via email and newly added and edited content is clearly highlighted within Offiria. Don’t want notifications? No problem! Users have total control over the notifications they receive and can turn them on or off at any time.

Mobile Compatible

Mobile Compatible
Offiria is optimized for both smart phones and iPads. Stay organized and productive while on the GO. Anywhere, anytime!




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