No more boring intranet

Offiria is feature-packed to help your team collaborate and work efficiently. We built it from the ground up to be super easy to use, help your team communicate better, share ideas across multiple working group and make information and knowledge easily searchable.

Create, join and contribute any Discussion

  • We make it easy for anyone in your team to start or join a discussion, which is what working in team is really all about. Everything is just one click away
  • "Like" or leave a comment on any discussion you have access to. Get notified when someone mentioned your name or replied to the discussion you're interested in.
  • You may "tag" any discussion, giving it proper context and making it easily searchable, even years to come.

Make team works, with Offiria Groups

  • Offiria Group makes working in team more exciting. Within Groups, you may post updates or discuss issues related to your objectives.
  • "Private Group" makes working with sensitive items breathtakingly easy. All your discussion, files, anything you share with your private group remains secure and private.
  • Offiria Group is perfect for managing projects, working within your department, organizing that family day or company annual dinner, just to name a few.

Hit your Goals. Milestones and task tracking

  • Work is about hitting that goals, a business target, a milestone. Offiria comes with an amazingly simple way to keep track of your milestones.
  • You may add any task to your milestones, so you know exactly what's needed to be done. Offiria will draw a nice little progress chart that keeps everyone motivated.
  • Offiria will remind you of your upcoming milestones and tasks. Looking back at your old completed milestones is always a reminder of a job well done.

Centralize files and document

  • Share files and document with your collegue through a central repository. Attach files to any status updates or post.
  • Keep shared files and document in order with folders. Move it, update a new version and preview them in-line.
  • Manage company-wide "Official" files where important company files such as important forms, document or templates is accessible throughout the company.

More features

Offiria is feature-packed and these are just some of them...

Employee profile page

A member’s extensive profile page allows you to see their recent projects, recent activities, and even files they have recently shared.

Employee directory

Offiria’s self-updating members directory makes searching for the right person to work with a whole lot easier.

Event management

Easily schedule a meeting, organize an open day, plan a family day… you can manage them all within Offiria’s powerful event management system.

File and Media Sharing

Attach file to any content and preview them without downloading it. Files are secure and accessible only to the right person.

Real-time notification

Offiria automatically notify everyone involved, of any new updates. New and updated content is always clearly highlighted.

Mobile ready

Offiria is optimized for both smart phones and iPads. Stay organized and productive while on the GO. Anywhere, anytime!.