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There's alot of things going on with Offiria and we're pleased to announce that we'll be releasing Offiria 2.0 pretty soon. What's there to look forward to in Offiria 2.0? Extranet functionality which will allow you to invite clients, partners and external users into specific public groups within your private Offiria site. External users can only access information related to their invited Groups (groups are used to define teams, departments or projects). All other sensitive information shared within your Offiria site will be inaccessible from invited external users. Simplified Milestone and Todo management. We have completely revamped our Milestone and Todo functionality to give you the best user experience when it comes to tracking timelines and tasks that you're responsible for as well as your colleagues. Assigning and tracking tasks will now be easier thanks to Offiria 2.0. File management. Successful companies love our in-context file management and now it's about to get even better! We're integrating Dropbox support along with an easy to use file versioning functionality to easily keep track of your secured files. We've got alot more sneak peaks coming your way so please do keep on checking our Facebook, Twitter and blog.
We're glad to announce that we have recently started our Forums Community at, now Enterprise2.0 advocates and Offiria users alike to discuss on a wide variety of industry related topics. Offiria T-shirt
We're also giving away an Offiria T-Shirt to the most "Thanked" user in our Forums for the month of November 2012 to commemorate our Forums Community.

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Custom stream filter

With so much sharing going on, the stream can get pretty crowded. In an attempt to break the information silos, many enterprise social network end up creating too much information and overwhelmed the very people that might need the information.

In Offiria, we recently introduced a new feature, which we simply called… well, we don’t have a fancy name for it yet, but it allows you to create a customized stream exactly to your liking. You can filter the stream either based on certain tags or author or even aggregate multiple groups into a single stream or any combination of those criteria. Once you give it a name and save it, you can simply click the shortcut created on the left navigation bar. If you want, you may edit the filter at any time.

In the future, we are planning even more powerful filter, which will be based on dynamic data analysis and internal analytics. We will allow filter based on most active users, trending tags and many more, all with a single objective, to help you manage your personal stream better.

DigitalNewsAsia and Offiria

Offiria has made it into the press for the first time. Digital News Asia’s Gabey Goh interviewed Offiria’s CEO, Nabil Feisal about Offiria and its mission to kill internal email.

Offiria is about bringing members of an organization together, to collaborate, enrich and retain company valuable information and knowledge. As said by Nabil, “… internal communications should be something through which employees communicate via a social networking-type platform where it’s task-driven, trackable and allows for easy delegation of tasks.”

With Offiria’s roots deeply entrenched in Joomla with it’s award-winning Joomla social networking component, JomSocial, Offiria is set to shake the enterprise social network with its self-hosted solution that allows for corporations to customize Offira and install it in their own secured servers. Offiria is open for trial right now, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your copy and review pack. Oh, and that news release… read more of it here.

Drag and drop file support


Offiria is great for sharing files with your team. You can us it to share project files, team photos or any document you want to share with your team. File upload works seamlessly and are pretty smooth as it is. But, we wanted to make it a little bit special.

Looking for files from the file selection window can sometimes be a little tedious. If you already have the window of the document open in your desktop, you can now just drag and drop the file into offiria and it will be uploaded right away. You can even select multiple files as once, drag it from your desktop into offiria’s window.  Try it!

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